Wedding Pictures: A Few Helpful Hints

A professional photographer is an important part of a wedding. They are professionals that have been to hundreds of weddings, understand the significance of the day, have excellent equipment and produce quality work. For a wedding photographer Louisville KY, Detroit Michigan, Tampa Bay Florida or Colorado Springs Colorado offer similar challenges. For a wedding photographer KY, or TN or MD all offer a similar story. It is not the location that is important, though a good photographer will utilize the setting to capture the sense of place. The vital part of a wedding is the event and the relationships of the members of the party. Those relationships are less apparent to the photographer apart from the closest relations of the bride and groom. As a result, even the best photographer may miss the adored Uncle Bob hiding in the kitchen drinking tonic. Here are some tips for creating the best wedding album possible.

One of the first priorities is to sit with the wedding photographer and talk about the possibilities. If they are only there for the formal pictures, then be clear about what is desired. If there are personality conflicts, such as a psychotic step mother, explain that to the photographer so certain awkward photographs can be avoided or at least created using all of the photographers charm and diplomatic skills to keep the smiles real. If the photographer is also going to be getting candid shots of the wedding and reception then help them understand what and who is important. For the type A personalities this may include a play book with pictures of the people that should get special attention. An informed photographer is better able to make the right choices and know where to be and what to look for.

These days, digital cameras will be as abundant as Kleenex. Cameras will be snapping everything from Uncle Rob double dipping his chip in the salsa to Buster the old boyfriend revving his Harley. Everyone has some of the pictures that would look great in the wedding album. In the thank you notes to the guests that attended, a short request for pictures can be included with an online site address. This creates a fun viewing event where guest can share their photos of the wedding day.

Digital cameras come in many forms. Some are very inexpensive. A couple of these handed out to game members of the wedding party can produce surprising pictures. Missions can be assigned to willing participants of the party. Eight year old Phillip will have a lot more fun if he is given a camera and told to spy on his mom, dad and Aunt Bitty. The advantage of a younger picture taker is that they do not hesitate to snap a shot. Many older folks brought up with rolls of film and each roll had to be developed and paid for. There may be a hundred bad digital shots, but there could also be several brilliant moments.

This is an era where the work of a professional photographer can be complimented by hundreds of guests. With a bit of foresight a wedding album can tell a very interesting and detailed story.

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