Top Five Baby Shower Favors For 2009 2010!

Baby showers have really become a big deal! Once upon a time, they were modest events that took place on a kindly friend s couch over tea and bingo cards but these days they can be grand celebrations, bringing together family scattered over thousands of miles (not to mention a hundred or more of mom s closest friends). Of course, any family event this important deserves a life marker, and baby showers are no exception!

Which brings us to the favors. Not only are baby shower favors a sweet little grace note reminding us of a kinder era, they also solve the concrete problem of how to thank guests for devoting a whole afternoon to you (given that free time is a rarer and rarer commodity in this world). And, they re one of the best ways to really have fun with your shower theme!

You won t be surprised to hear that just like everything else in design and entertainment, baby shower favors go through trends and style changes. And this year, several types of favors were serious standouts.

So which particular favors led the charge? Well, personal care items for purses were hot, such as personalized mini lip balms, or small portable hand creams. Baby showers also saw a lot of chocolate dipped fortune cookies (perfect for that chic Asian fusion theme).

Also popular: spa items, like mini containers of bath confetti. And finally, that timeless drawer sweetener, the herbal sachet, graced plenty of showers with its satiny fabrics and adorable shapes (like baby bibs and bloomers).

But even these much loved items weren t the top of the tops this year five types of baby shower favors were even hotter. Which ones? We ll tell you read on for the countdown!

Fifth most popular: novelty favors. Baby showers are prime time for these types of favors, which keep everyone talking. Great examples: the salt & pepper shakers shaped like hatching chicks, Baby on Board expandable pens, or Baby is Brewing kitchen timers shaped like mini teapots. These types of favors typically come with great packaging, and they re guaranteed to get your guests smiling.

Fourth most popular: Cake Towels. The presentation is fabulous on these zero calorie favors, designed to look like jelly rolls or strawberry cheesecake slices. Yum! Plus, the festive colors really liven up your table, and guests can use these long after the event.

Third most popular: baby themed votives and candles. There s something about the timelessness of a candle that makes it oh so apropos for important occasions like this one. Possibly, that s why highly designed candles with baby themes remain one of the top choices for shower favors, whether it s a pink votive bedecked with a sparkling teddy bear design, or a poured mold type of candle such as a sparkly baby carriage in a gift box.

Second most popular: Choice Crystal favors. These favors just keep reigning at the top of the list! Favorite choices include Choice Crystal booties, pacifiers, and angel figurines, all with a pretty gift box. Weighty and dazzling, these favors really rise to the level of keepsakes, despite their inexpensiveness.

And the most popular favor of all? Plantable favors. We all know going green and being eco minded is huge in entertaining, and that includes baby showers! And among the eco friendliest are the plantable favors, which give your guests a little one on one time with Mother Earth. Of course, these favors come in bright and cheery shapes like sunny daisies, and month after month, they fly off the shelves maybe because they re the most powerful reminder around of how your new little treasure will bloom!

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