Grandkids should send thank-you notes

As technology changes so quickly, so does childhood. But grandparents often have their own standards of what was important to them growing up, or even when they were raising their own children. They can apply that to what they try to teach the youngest generation.
Grandparents are able to expand a child’s sense of time. While [...]

Giving Thanks: 7 Ways To Teach Kids

The Huffington Post has an article about teaching your kids on how to be grateful. One of the things they recommend to teach your children is:
Thank You Notes: Writing thank you notes for gifts is a very literal way of teaching your children gratitude. Putting down on paper what they enjoyed about a particular [...]

Missed manners: please say thank you

Page Larkin posted an article in the Examiner, talking about thank-you notes. In an interesting poll she found out that nine (30-somethings) asked about when was the last time they wrote thank-you notes responded ”In college or high school.”, five responded, “Frequently” and five asked, “What’s a thank you note?”
As Page reminds us: saying [...]