How much money to spend on a wedding gift?

Whenever you go to a wedding, you probably  ask yourself  ”How much money to give for a wedding gift” or “how much money to spend on the wedding gift”?

Of course the answer is “it depends” – it depends on your relationship with the couple who is getting married, related expenses you might have to attend the wedding (flying or staying at a hotel for the event), the day, the date or the place of the event and your personal situation. To make things easier for you, SimchaBucks has a gift calculator that can quickly tell you how much money to spend on the wedding gift.

There are of course other approaches to calculate how much money to spend on the wedding gift:

  1. The “how much the meal cost” approach – suggested at, is to estimate how much your meal costs and cover that costs (so if you brought a date to the wedding you should spend at least twice the meal cost). The hard part with this approach is estimating the cost of the meal.
  2. The “spend as much as you can” approach – which basically says that you should spend as much as you can afford.
  3. The “hard numbers” approach – smartmoney suggests the following hard numbers: $75 if you come alone and $150 if you bring a date (these are June 2008 numbers). They also suggest to increase this number to $100-$125 for a relative or friend, and if it’s a close friend or close relative, to anywhere from $100 to $150.

If you are planning to give the couple an engagement gift and a shower gift in addition to the wedding gift, The Knot suggests that you come up with a total expenditure that feels right to you and then divide it as follows:

As with any gift, no matter how much you end up spending on the wedding gift, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart!

Enjoy the wedding!

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I go with $50 it just seems reasonable to me. Unless its a very close friend of family member then that is different but right now I have been going to a lot of just friends weddings and to give more when I could would then probably jip another friend when I wasn’t in such a good financial position.

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