The death of the wedding present [source:]

Wedding presents were once an obligation for anyone attending a friend or relative’s special day. But a new study by one of the UK’s leading online gift retailers has revealed that the wedding gift could soon be a thing of the past. After surveying 1,156 people leading online gift retailer,, has discovered that wedding gifts are no longer as popular as they once were. 68% of people questioned claim to have given money rather than a present at a wedding.

Home accessories such as toasters, towels and dinnerware were once very popular wedding gifts. However, more people now prefer to give money or a small memento to the bride and groom as most couples already have what they need prior to the big day.

Almost 70% of couples now cohabit before they get married, meaning that practical presents that were once bought to help the couple out are no longer a desired gift. High end gifts like keepsakes and experience days are now a more popular choice as family and friends purchase these to treat the couple rather than to help them out. 84% of people said that if they were given money as a gift at their own wedding they would use it to help pay off the costs of the service and honeymoon while 5% claimed they would save it.

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