Asking for Cash Gifts

As Pam from the television show “The Office” found out, it is not that easy to ask for a cash gift rather than a traditional registry gift (see clip below). Luckily, the Internet can help us with that. There are two types of websites that you can use to ask for cash gifts: ones that let you register for cash gifts and ones that you register for a large amount gift (such as a flight) and guests contribute money to help pay for the gift.

Here are some suggestions for cash gifts registry sites:

  1. GoGift – Lets you set a cash registry.
  2. PayPal – Integrate your PayPal account information into your wedding website, and add an option for your guest to deposit money into your account. If you are not tech savvy, you can use Wedding Green to create a PayPal registry for your wedding website for free (although PayPal does charge a fee).

Here are some suggestions for registry sites that let guests contribute money to help pay for a gift:

  1. MyRegistry – In addition to being able to register for gifts, this site has a Cash Gift section that lets you set up your special Cash Gift Fund, with the name of your choice, that will appear as part of your registry.
  2. weddingsolutions – Allows you to register for cash contributions towards your honeymoon.
  3. A Great Affair – A cash gift registry where you can register for anything you want. Your guests purchase “gift segments” towards specific gifts, which is a more personal gift-giving experience than simply handing you a check, and ultimately you get the cash.
  4. The Honeymoon - Guests can purchase aspects of your honeymoon for you, giving wedding guests a convenient alternative to the traditional bridal registry.
  5. The big day – This site is very similar to “The Honeymoon” site above.

You might also want to read about the etiquette of asking for cash gifts at Wedaholic and at Reception-Wedding.

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omg! I thought it was so awkward of Pam to ask for cash gifts! I felt so bad! Someone should have recommended to her –that’s what I used for my wedding last year. Too funny though – this show just keeps getting better and better!

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