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A baby shower can be a wonderful event and lots of fun for everyone attending. However, if you are the host there can be a lot of details that need to be carefully planned ahead of time. By using a baby shower checklist you can ensure that the event will be a successful one and you will not feel stressed or have to worry about last minute planning. Make baby shower planning easy by using a baby shower checklist to help you in the planning process.
Two Months
You should start planning for the baby shower about two months in advance. This should give you enough time to have all of the details prepared and ready to go way before the big day. By planning ahead you will be less stressed at the baby shower and be able to enjoy the occasion instead of rushing around taking care of last minute details. Some of the things that you can start doing early on are:
Choose a theme
Create the guest list
Set the Date
Plan the Food
Plan the location
Plan games and activities
Pick baby shower invitations
Three weeks
You are now getting closer and it is time to put forth a little effort to really get things rolling for the baby shower. Some of the things you will want to do two or three weeks before the event might include:
Send out invitations
Order Cake or find recipe to make your own cake
Finalize and test menu
Create party favors
Plan out decoration and purchase materials
One Week
Now you are really on the count down and need to put in some serious effort this week to make sure everything is ready for the big day.
Finalize the guest list
Make sure you have enough seating for everyone
Clean the house (if applicable)
Check on reservations if the event will be held somewhere other then at home.
Purchase and wrap gifts
Finalize party favors
Day Before
Review the games and supplies needed and set out
Set up tables and chairs
Purchase drinks
The Day Of
Pick up Cake and other food items ordered
Prepare the gift table and gift opening areas
Get out a notebook to write down gifts and who gave them
Run through the party plan and timeline
Pick up Balloons
Set out food
Set out Guest book
Planning for a baby shower can be overwhelming at first and often people don’t know where to begin. By starting with a baby shower checklist like the one provided above you can easily feel prepared and stress free. It is important to just get started with what you know and work your way down the list until everything is done. If you are not sure about some party of the baby shower or have not decided what to do yet do not let that hold you back from moving on and completing the parts that you do know.
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