3 Steps to Take to Relieve the Stress Out of Gift Giving by Andrea McClure

Weddings are filled with feelings. There is a little bit of fear about the unknown and that is mixed with the excitement of what lies ahead. There are feelings of stress over the daunting task of planning a wedding and a little bit of relief when the planning is almost done. Then there is even a little bit of awkwardness about your wedding gifts. There should not be. Your guests expect to bring you gifts and very much want to. They do, however, need a little help. They might have be over to one or both of your places (or the place you already share) but they didn?t inventory it nor do they know how well every thing works or if you just want to use the time to change style. They need a little push in the right direction, even with personalized wedding gifts.

Your first order of business should be to make a realistic list. Not all of your friends are wealthy. You should think about each item before it is added. Do we really want that? Do we need one of those? If you are a more established couple you might be surprised at how short the list is. If it turns out to be really short then add some toys that you have both wanted but just never seem to get. Now that will be your first list and now that you are done with that one you can pick a store (hopefully one that has outlets in the places your guests will be coming from) that carries most of them. You can always put your self on all of them but you just increase the chances of getting duplicate gifts, ie one from each store you registered with.

With that done you might want to make a fun list too. You should pick a store that carries items for a hobby or activity that you both enjoy. That is great for your guests that don?t like to give toasters and would rather give something unique. With these types of stores it is good to make sure they have an online registry as they tend not to be as wide spread as the larger department stores. What type of store is up to you as every couple is unique and their interest vary quite a bit.

Now a great thing to have is one of your closest friends or family members abreast on you gift list to be a contact for someone that is still not sure about what to get. This is very handy for any personalized items you might want as they can not be returned. If that guest still wants to go that direction they (the close friend) can let them know how you want the name done. It would be awful to get a personalized gift if you didn?t know the bride was keeping her maiden name or if it is hyphenated.

If you have taken these steps and been thoughtful about your lists every thing should go rather smoothly. You will still get a duplicate or two but you will have a good guess as to where to exchange them. This is a wedding so it should be a time of joy and not worry. Besides, you still have the rest of your lives to take something back.

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