12 Great Ideas for Wedding Gifts

When a special couple announces their wedding date, you need to think about giving them wedding gifts. However, you do not have to head to the most expensive department store for fine China or Baccarat crystal. There are wedding gifts that can be purchased without breaking your wallet.

Some of the best gifts are those that you might never expect but are easy to obtain for your favorite couple. Here are 12 great ideas for wedding gifts that should bring smiles to the bride and groom.

Idea 1: Purchase a gift certificate or card from the wedding couple’s favorite local restaurant. They can use the card when they return from their honeymoon or whenever they want to kick back and dine in a familiar setting that they enjoy.

Idea 2: Make the wedding couple a wedding gift basket filled with some of their favorite things such as fruits, candies, gourmet nuts and magazines. Place all of the goodies into a large, beautiful basket and attach a lovely store-bought wedding card or design your own.

Ideas 3: Offer to pay one of the couple’s monthly bills such as cable, phone or electric. Design a card that says this handmade certificate is good for one free month of not paying your bill.

Ideas 4: Opt to put the new couple up in a local, exclusive bed and breakfast or posh hotel for a long weekend. Many establishments offer weekend packages.

Ideas 5: For the bride, purchase a gift card from her favorite nail or hair salon for a certain amount. She can use it whenever she feels the need to beautify.

Idea 6: Purchase a gift card from the groom’s favorite sporting goods store where he can buy whatever he chooses, be it golf clubs or a baseball mitt.

Idea 7: Many cities have local caterers or places where you can go to create an entire meal. Ask the owner if you can purchase a month’s worth of services for the new couple.

Idea 8: Why not give the bride and groom a gift card or gift certificate for a free month or two of maid or cleaning service to clean up their abode?

Idea 9: When the happy couple returns home from their honeymoon, they are going to need to stock up their refrigerator and kitchen pantry. Purchase a grocery gift card from their favorite neighborhood market.

Idea 10: Rather than have the groom stand outside washing his car, buy a booklet of car washes from the area car wash for him to use anytime.

Idea 11: If the newlyweds have children, find out who their babysitter is and pay for a month of her babysitting services so the couple can go out without worrying.

Idea 12: A new bride always needs pots and pans; get her a certificate from a gourmet kitchen store where she can buy exactly what she needs in the color that she likes.

Buying wedding gifts is not always easy, but if you use your imagination, you might be surprised what you can come up with for the happy couple. A gift doesn’t always need to be obvious or over the top just as long as it comes with the best intentions.

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